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About Us
We have been producing wide spectrum of food supplements under «Mercana» trade mark since 1996.


We have been producing wide spectrum of food supplements under “Mercana” trade mark since 1996. Our food supplements (FS) include remedies with mild calming effect for adults and children; FS for weight loss and metabolism normalization, FS for joints. We produce specific FS enhancing human’s body resistance to viruses and bacteria, dietary supplements restoring keenness of memory and vision, remedies providing diabetes and atherosclerosis prophylactics and many other FS. The advantages of our products make them and different from similar ones and unique.

Specialists of our company together with medical doctors and phytotherapists from leading medical centers were the first in Russia who have created FS on the basis of complex compositions of healing herbs in liquid form (in drops and spray), not in tablets and capsules.


Opposite to similar products our remedies contain no alcohol and sugar, that’s why they do not have contradictions to use, do not lead to medicine’s dependence and tolerance.

Besides, our company produces unique healing lotions on the basis of colloid silver under “Silver Series” general name. Products of this series treat all types of acne including youth acne, strengthen the hair. They are also used for feet and intimate zones hygiene.

All our FS were approved in clinical trials in specialized medical centers. We work in close contact with specialists of some Russian top-level scientific centers: Nutrition institute of Russian academy of medical sciences: Moscow Sechenov Medical Academy, Pirogov Medical University, Rheumatology Research Scientific Institute, Scientific Center of Resort and Restorative Medicine, Somnology center of Russian Ministry of Health and Social Development, Almazov scientific Research Institute of Cardiology (Saint Petersburg) and in many others.

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Formula and trade mark of our products are protected by patents.