Female Essence
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Female Essence

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Female Essence
Leva balsam
Arthrovit Warming balsam
Arthrovit Trophic balsam
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The combined effect of the herbal ingredients present in Female Essence produces strengthened immunity and active peripheral blood circulation, prevents the development of oedema in severe premenstrual syndrome and premenopause. The antioxidant effect of flavonols found in this composition activates self-regulatory mechanisms in premenstrual syndrome and the pre-climax period; valeric acid possesses a mild sedative effect helping to cope with excessive excitability, sleep disorders, arterial blood pressure elevations, tachycardia, and oedema. Regular use of the herbal composition helps to deal with negative psychoemotional effects of premenstrual syndrome. The product is recommended as an extra source of flavonols and valeric acid for women.

The clinical study of the efficacy of this herbal composition was conducted at the Russian Research Centre of After-care and Balneology. The study revealed positive effects of the Female Essence herbal composition on the state of the vegetovascular system and the psychoemotional condition. The results obtained in the study included lower general stress levels, better psychological adaptation, and decreased depression levels in women suffering from premenstrual syndrome, and less depression and better psychological adaptation in menopausal women as well. Furthermore, the study revealed spasmolytic, mild diuretic, and haemostatic effects of this combination.