└rthrovit Trophic Cosmetic balsam for the body
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└rthrovit Trophic
Cosmetic balsam for the body

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Arthrovit Warming balsam
Arthrovit Trophic balsam
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Active ingredients possessing effects that produce the overall action of the balsam: essential oils of black pepper and ginger, camphor, bourtree extracts, brotherwort, plantain, birch, marsh-mallow, and pine. The overall action of the active ingredients present in the locally applied balsam Arthrovit Trophic mitigates inflammatory manifestations of the disorder. Better periarticular blood circulation and improved metabolism in the articular cartilage bring production of joint fluid back to normal and prevent destruction of the articular surfaces. The remedy is recommended for external use in chronic inflammatory and traumatic joint diseases: arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatic polyarthritis, and osteochondrosis.

The thoroughly selected combinations of principal active ingredients in Arthrovit drops and Arthrovit spray, Arthrovit Warming and Arthrovit Trophic balsams guarantee their high efficacy. The modern technology sparing high-temperature processing allows to retain all remedial properties of biologically active substances to the maximum. To achieve the best effect, combined application of Arthrovit Trophic and Arthrovit Warming balsams, along with Arthrovit drops or Arthrovit spray, is advised. Arthrovit Warming relieves pain and enhances blood circulation in peripheral vasculature in joint areas, which facilitates skin absorption of the biologically active substances present in Arthrovit Trophic balsam. Simultaneous application of both internal and external use products leads to significant alleviation of joint and muscle pains and helps recover impaired function of the musculoskeletal system.