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Antidrink/Drink OFF
Help you to become absolutely sober in a short time.

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Antidrink/Drink OFF


Antidrink/Drink OFF - (Drink OFF: The trademark in Russia) The product is registered as a food supplement and as a specialized food. The release form capsules for a food supplement and fruit-berry jelly units for a specialized food. The both products are recommended for improvement of metabolism and for accelerating degradation of alcohol and acetaldehyde in the body.

The products Antidrink/Drink OFF are a means which will help you to become absolutely sober in a short time. You are again at the wheel and nothing hang-over!

The products Antidrink/Drink OFF are made on the basis of natural components. They will help to remove quickly alcohol from the body and will prevent the undesirable effects of excessive alcohol consumption: a headache, cardiovascular disorders, thirst, nausea, shaking, fatigue, coordination difficulties and finally an alcohol smell.

Antidrink/Drink OFF - Accelerates the process of removing alcohol and acetaldehyde from the body - Prevents the hangover - Reduces the time between acceptance of alcohol and car driving - Tones up an organism. Instead of a hang-over you will start your morning with vivacity and good mood.

Reception rules: 1. Food supplement: three five capsules right after you have the last portion of alcohol and three five since morning. 2. Specialized food: one or more units right after you have the last portion of alcohol and one or more units since morning. The dose depends on your individuality and your intoxication degrees. The unique contra-indication is an individual intolerance of the components.

It is improbable, but it is the truth! By specific stimulation of the key enzymes of alcohol metabolism, the time for alcohol and acetaldehyde to be degraded and removed from the body is significantly reduced. The product Antidrink/Drink OFF has no analogues.