Leva hair strengthening balsam
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hair strengthening balsam

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The product is recommended for external use in the prevention of hair loss and prophylaxis of different forms of alopecia.
Mechanism of action:Colloid silver included in the Leva balsam composition kills pathogenic bacteria and restores normal bacterial balance in the skin. The antibacterial, antiviral, and antimycotic effects of silver result in the elimination of dandruff, alleviated skin itching, and attenuated inflammatory manifestations. Garlic water tincture augments blood microcirculation in capillaries of the head hair area, which provides intensive feeding of the hair bulbs. Extractives present in garlic water tincture stimulate hair growth. The transcutaneous vehicle facilitates delivery of the active ingredients into the deeper dermal layers, which further increases the efficacy of this balsam. The combined impact produced by the active ingredients of the balsam helps strengthen hair follicles, recovers the hair pin structure, stimulates hair growth, improves xerasia, and facilitates combing and hairdressing. The product does not cause dryness or desquamation because there are no spirits in its composition.

The clinical study of the hair strengthening balsam Leva was conducted at the Russian State Medical University after the name of Pirogov, at the Chair of Dermatology. The results of these observations revealed positive effects in 89% of patients (children and adults) whose complex treatment regimen featured this balsam. In particular, active growth of lanugo in affected areas was observed after one and a half months of treatment in children with alopecia areata, whereas patients with subtotal alopecia had an enlivened follicular apparatus and new lanugo growing. It was concluded that daily use of Leva balsam lasting for 1.5 2 months enhances hair growth and significantly reduces the number of lost hairs. The balsam can be administered in different forms of alopecia in children and adult patients both independently and as part of a complex treatment regimen, and as a prophylactic means in intensified hair loss and seborrhea.