Lively drop | Improves heart functioning, dilates heart and brain vessels.
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Lively drop
Improves heart functioning, dilates heart and brain vessels.

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Mercana | Lively Drop

Bioflavonoids provide specific effect on heart and vessels. The remedy improves heart functioning, dilates heart and brain vessels.

It is well known, that elderly people, smokers, passive smokers, car drivers, population of industrial districts, all, who have to breath in carbon oxide, have up to 15% hemoglobin presented by pathological compound - carboxyhemoglobin.
Ferrous iron oxidizes into ferric iron, which can not carry the oxygen. As a result, the myocardium capability to stand physical loads reduces and, consequently, ischemic heart disease is developing. Due to oxygen insufficiency liver ability to detoxicate organism also decreases developing intoxication.

It appears in general indisposition, low workability, impotence, that results in chronic diseases development.
“Lively drop” restores cardiovascular system functioning, improves organs blood supply and microcirculation. As a result, oxygenation and excretion of metabolism products are rising.

FS transfers the pathological compound of hemoglobin to its’ normal form, increases heart ability to carry out physical and nervous loads, weather changes, normalizes blood pressure. It protects human body from harmful action of radicals, promotes their excretion out of organism, and helps internal organs to stand over aggressive factors of environment.

“Lively drop” has cytoprotective action (increases cell vital capacity), accelerates reparative processes, stimulates hemopoiesis and metabolism, and reduces toxic action of biologically active substances.